Cultural track “Synergise”

As a corporate culture consultant (also known as a change management consultant), Cultural Synergy offers a unique track that helps organisations improve their corporate culture from within.

The cultural track “Synergise” is designed for teams of ten people or more and can be scaled up to suit locations, departments and businesses with a staff of more than 1,000 employees. The track consists of the following three phases.

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Phase 1 – The analysis

The analysis of the corporate culture brings to light patterns and contradictions in relation to leadership, strategy implementation, communication and group dynamics.

During this phase, we conduct research in the form of interviews and participating observations. Afterwards, we present our findings to management.


Phase 2 – The intervention

During the intervention phase, the focus is on breaking through dominant patterns with the help of leadership advice, the facilitation of team processes, coaching and conflict mediation.

Close collaboration with the leader is of critical importance during this phase. Along with intensive team guidance, we offer advice with regard to group dynamics, storytelling and cultural change.


Phase 3 – The integration

The final phase is centred around the structural implementation of the improvements in order to maintain a balanced corporate culture in the long run.

During this phase, the focus is on establishing long-term constructive communication between people. Important themes include maintaining interpersonal relationships and improving the communication infrastructure.

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