About Cultural Synergy

Cultural Synergy supports leaders of international organisations with the realisation of a healthy corporate culture. We assist with corporate culture management, i.e. managing the relationships between people to ensure the organisation's collaborations, employees and financial results stay healthy. Only when this is done effectively can synergy be achieved. Teams become greater than the sum of their parts and the organisation transcends itself.

The power of synergy

The word “synergy” is derived from the Greek word ‘synergia’, which means “working together.” It is about getting people with different perspectives to work together in such a way that they strengthen each other and become smarter as a group than the smartest member of that group. The members are able to combine their individual traits, knowledge and opinions in such a way that the group becomes more than the sum of its parts. Cultural synergy focuses on the specific role that culture plays in our society. Synergy is extremely important for any organisation. Without it, processes are impeded and it is much more difficult to achieve strategic goals.


About Eveline Bruijn

From an early age, I have been fascinated by the differences between people. As a business administrator and anthropologist, I have been looking since 2006 for ways to improve an organisation's corporate culture in a way that makes it possible to take advantage of the potential of that diversity. I feel a strong urge to improve the connections between people by enhancing their understanding of each other. I love to observe, listen, analyse and facilitate. From that drive I founded Cultural Synergy. My strongest suit is my ability to put into words what is going on - at both the intellectual and the emotional level.

About Art of Story

In recent years, Art of Story has worked for a variety of clients. The focus has been on using corporate storytelling to improve interpersonal connections. I have learned a lot from the large diversity of challenges and over time, my work has developed and expanded into the work I now do with Cultural Synergy. Nevertheless, I have not said goodbye to Art of Story. There has merely been a structural change; Art of Story has become a story platform. Together with Giselle Segura Gelink, I look for stories that touch us. We present these stories in the hope that they touch others as well by offering inspiration, recognition or comfort. Above all, we want to emphasise the unifying power of stories. Curious? Go to Art of Story.


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