FrieslandCampina Domo

The challenge

Domo’s transition from dairy products to child nutrition necessitated a cultural change. Domo was therefore looking for an effective way to capture the interest of its 1,600 employees and get them involved in the overarching objective ‘Babies growing up healthy’.

The approach

Based on the cultural analysis from phase 1, a corporate story and a film were developed to introduce the new theme ‘Babies growing up healthy’. During the second and third phases, the focus was on the realisation of a leadership track that consisted of the following components:

  • training fifty supervisors to effectively get the strategic story across (storytelling in leadership)
  • developing a tailor-made handbook that contains the corporate story and the key cultural values
  • facilitating interaction sessions within the entire organisation (1,200 employees)

Eveline Bruijn

Corporate culture consultant

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The approach is professional, business-like and substantively strong.

Jan Lodewijk Lindemulder – Global Business Director, DSM Dyneema (former Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina Domo)

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